To develop this software, free and open source packages have been used, which include the following :

  1. MQTT: The Standard for IoT Messaging
  2. EMQX  An Open-Source, Cloud-Native, Distributed MQTT Broker for IoT
  3. webrtc for audio and video conference
  4. mediasoup for webrtc
  5. BoringSSL (fork of OpenSSL) by google for ssl validation
  6. letsencrypt
  7. core
  8. bootstrap for front end design
  9. coturn server for nat traversal
  10. Treafik (The Cloud Native Application Proxy) for reverse proxy
  11. ffmpeg for record (webm , mp4 , mkv)
  12. nginx rtmp module for hls live
  13. libwebsocket for websocket communication
  14. docker for container management
  15. Visual Math Editor
  16. online diagramming web
  17. collaborative online office suite
  18. Monaco Editor
  19. drupal content management system
  20. MariaDB Server  The open source relational database